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"There certainly is a 'can do' spirit in our work culture as we remain client-focused. The most rewarding projects have challenges—ones that we can overcome by first listening to and understanding our clients' needs, and then being resourceful and dedicated to deliver innovative solutions."

Rod J. Linja (President / Principal)

Keller Associates is a firm of professional engineers and surveyors dedicated to client satisfaction and the delivery of quality services. In order to consistently provide intuitive project solutions, we are always seeking to improve our team of talented individuals–straight from college or with years of experience in the industry, just entering the field or seeking major leadership roles—Our collaborative teamwork structure has what’s right for you.

Become Part of a Team

"Keller Associates' emphasis on collaborative teamwork over interoffice competition, and focus on clients and projects over profits has proved itself for (20) years running."

Architecture & Engineering Quarterly (McGraw-Hill Publisher)

Being more than just a job, Keller Associates offers you a way of life—with activities and creative ways to enjoy the work.

Not only does Keller Associates create a company culture of professionalism, but we strive to create a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and respect. This carries over to our personal lives through team and personal sports.

Recently, members of our eastern Idaho offices completed various distances in the 2013 Pocatello "Running the Gap Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K fun runs. Keller Associates sponsored the team while the participants provided the dedication, training miles, and run finishes.  We have found, both as a company and as individuals, that it is easier to get to the finish line with friends and colleagues who are encouraging you along the way. 

Highly Ranked

When you join our team, you are joining more than just another firm; we are recognized as one of the most experienced engineering firms throughout the region.

A Future

We provide employees with opportunities to develop and progress within the firm.

"We look for people who love challenges, assume responsibility quickly, seek constant improvement, and look for ways to work smarter and satisfy our clients."

James L. Keller (Founder)

Encouraged Innovation & Creativity

We encourage each individual to explore new ventures and solutions to project challenges; benefiting the client while you innovate.


Enjoy a workplace with personable leaders, who acknowledge your work and are open to your ideas and comments to improve the company.


Keller Associates offers comprehensive and competitive benefit packages including insurance, 401(k), vacation time, etc.

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