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Who better to lead clients through challenging infrastructure projects than the best engineers. Keller Associates has recruited and continues to recruit engineers with capabilities unparalleled in the market today.

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Rod J. Linja, P.E.
President / Principal

<h3>Rod J. Linja, P.E. <br>President / Principal</h3>

James P. Mullen, P.E.
Vice President / Principal

<h3>James P. Mullen, P.E. <br>Vice President / Principal</h3>

David R. Kinzer, P.E. / P.L.S. / S.E.
Vice President / Chief Engineer

<h3>David R. Kinzer, P.E. / P.L.S. / S.E. <br>Vice President / Chief Engineer</h3>

Bryan R. Phinney, P.E., D.W.R.E.
Wyoming Region Manager

<h3>Bryan R. Phinney, P.E., D.W.R.E. <br>Wyoming Region Manager</h3>

Peter Olsen, P.E.
Salem Office Manager

<h3>Peter Olsen, P.E.<br/>Salem Office Manager</h3>

Stillman Norton, P.E., LEED Green Assoc.
Clarkston Office Manager

<h3>Stillman Norton, P.E., LEED Green Assoc.<br/>Clarkston Office Manager</h3>

Darrel Evensen, P.E.
Roseville Office Manager

<h3>Darrel Evensen, P.E.<br/>Roseville Office Manager</h3>

"I wanted to create a company atmosphere and an organization with the philosophy that emphasized teamwork and harmony (and client satisfaction) rather than one of interoffice and employee competition and the drive for money and recognition"

James L. Keller, P.E.

James Keller

Mr. Keller provides critical guidance to our practice to ensure founding principles of service continue to be met - integrity, honesty, and trust. Our commitment to client service remains strong today and will carry on into the future.

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