municipal engineering

Municipal Engineering

As communities grow, adequate planning and preparation is vital to ensure that the infrastructure can keep up with the increased demands. Evaluating a range of alternatives, understanding various solutions, creating preliminary plans, and estimating possible costs can help a community prepare itself for a successful future.

Serving in the positions of Engineer and Surveyor for many Cities, Counties, and Special Districts, Keller Associates has provided practical engineering advice and solutions to municipalities in a timely, consistent, and cost-effective manner.

Our engineers are experienced in the wide variety of disciplines required by municipalities including:

  • City, County, and Special District Engineering and Surveying
  • Master Planning
  • Facility Planning
  • Downtown Planning
  • Urban Street Design
  • Water Storage and Distribution
  • Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Irrigation
  • Well Development
  • Storm Sewer Master Planning and Design
  • Permitting
  • GIS and Mapping
  • Tribal Engineering Services
Stayton Wastewater Master Plan
Stayton Wastewater Master Plan
City of Stayton / Stayton, OR
Downtown Boise Drainage Study
Downtown Boise Drainage Study
Multiple Clients / Boise, ID
Jefferson County Transportation Plan
Jefferson County Transportation Plan
Jefferson County / Rigby, ID

"Keller Associates personnel are extremely capable and have provided excellent service.

They have provided excellent master planning and vision for the future, assisted us in developing effective grant and loan funding packages for needed project improvement, conducted very successful public participation processes and bond elections, assisted us with the development of development policies and water and sewer use ordinances, and have provided very timely, effective design and construction management supervision of our needed improvements.

We have found their service to be effective, timely and very economical. We would definitely recommend KA for any future municipal engineering services."

John A. Kirtley
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Star Sewer & Water District
City of Star, ID

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